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Orchid update: actions taken in response to COVID-19

Orchid update: actions taken in response to COVID-19

2020年 3月 20日

As governments, businesses, and people around the world work to halt the spread of COVID-19, our primary concern is the health and safety of our team and their families, our users and partners, and all of the communities impacted by the global pandemic.

In light of these concerns, we have placed a pause on all team member travel until further notice. Orchid team members will not travel or participate in face-to-face meetings during this time. Given the widespread hold on travel and in-person events, we are shifting our focus to digital marketing and virtual events, many of which are currently being organized for the spring. We will otherwise maintain our normal operations with the team continuing to work remotely.

From an operational perspective, very little will change for Orchid in the coming months. We are decentralized by design and have always been a remote-first organization. With our team spread across multiple cities and continents, we will continue working to the highest possible standards, using videoconferencing and messaging tools to collaborate. Our hiring plans have not changed -- you can find a list of open positions here.

Orchid is also continuing to grow partnerships with some of the leading VPNs, including LiquidVPN, PIA, and VPNSecure. cnet’s recent article highlighting Orchid as “the next step in privacy tech” is representative of the momentum we are continuing to see in the market.

We recognize, however, that this is the first time many people around the world will be working remotely on a regular basis. We know that Internet privacy tools can be crucial for workers in sensitive industries and/or geographies, and we understand that the need to work remotely for an extended period is likely to cause significant disruption.

As a result of these macro changes, we have made a decision to prioritize Orchid’s desktop clients. This is designed to support the increased numbers of people who will be accessing the Internet from their desktops at home. Orchid’s command line client for macOS will be the first to be released, a major step toward having a full desktop client available. We will share additional information as soon as it is ready.

Lastly -- we are making Orchid available for free to all journalists in order to ensure they are able to access and transmit accurate information, no matter where in the world they are. If you are a journalist, email with the name of your publication and proof of your status, to get set up and receive a personal onboarding.

More than anything else, we recognize that this global crisis is likely to have a profound impact on the lives and livelihoods of many millions of people around the world. We are committed to doing everything we can to ease the disruption and support individuals and businesses that are impacted.

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Additional updates regarding COVID-19 and the actions Orchid is taking will be posted here as the situation evolves. Stay in touch and up to date at, or through our social channels:

GitHub: OrchidTechnologies

Facebook: OrchidProtocol

Telegram: OrchidOfficial

Twitter: OrchidProtocol

Thank you for being part of the Orchid community.

Wishing you and your family well,

Dr. Steven Waterhouse (Seven)

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