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Power in Numbers: BRD Integrates Orchid’s Digital Currency (OXT)

Power in Numbers: BRD Integrates Orchid’s Digital Currency (OXT)

2020年 3月 23日

When it comes to privacy, Orchid believes in “power in numbers.” That’s why we’re proud to share that BRD Wallet has integrated OXT, Orchid’s digital currency, for its 3 million users in 171 countries.

Orchid is a unique VPN because it requires OXT to fund an account. VPN service in the app is purchased with OXT from the connected account, and you pay only for the bandwidth that you actually use. New Orchid users can open an account by creating an Ethereum address using BRD and purchasing at least $4 in OXT (you can get it on Coinbase) and $1 of ETH. Once the account is created, a shareable QR code appears that contains account credentials. Anyone can copy or scan that account into the app for a 1-step setup.


Dr. Steven Waterhouse, Orchid’s Co-Founder and CEO said: “BRD has built a huge community of crypto enthusiasts, many of whom are committed to taking control of their privacy. Now, they can access OXT and do exactly that. Privacy is a community effort, and we’re thrilled to bridge our community with the strong one that BRD has built.”

Download the Orchid app to control your privacy in a new way here.

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