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It’s easy for enterprises to get started with Orchid

It’s easy for enterprises to get started with Orchid

2020年 10月 1日

Orchid's unique VPN marketplace offers a high level of Internet security. And with more people than ever working remotely, the online privacy Orchid offers has never been more important. This is as true for enterprises as for individuals, and in some ways, Internet privacy is particularly critical for businesses.

With large teams collaborating across different geographies, the difficulty of conducting business -- particularly internationally -- is increased. Our own users have been kind enough to share with us some of the ways they are using Orchid to conduct important business in different parts of the world. Their stories illustrate the diverse challenges organizations face as well as some of the ways Orchid can make work easier and safer. With so many people using personal and/or unsecured networks to do their jobs, Orchid's strong privacy and security features make remote work more secure.

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Enterprises require quick speeds and download times, and our latest product updates have dramatically improved speeds for all users. Orchid is partnered with many of the world's leading VPNs, including LiquidVPN, PIA, Tenta, Boleh, and VPNSecure, and allows users to configure multiple "hops" between them for even greater privacy -- all without sacrificing ease of use.

It's easy for enterprises to get set up with Orchid. An administrator simply needs to create an Orchid account with enough OXT to buy bandwidth to support everyone on the team. Since Orchid accounts can be shared with as many people as needed, the admin can share this account with their team -- whether that's two people, 20 people, or 50 people. As the team uses its bandwidth, the administrator simply needs to "top up" the account with OXT, Orchid's digital currency. Enterprise accounts can also be created and shared through a simple two-step process using in-app purchases. This method makes setup seamless, as it doesn't require an admin to obtain or transfer digital currency.

For details on which account to purchase and how Orchid could work for your enterprise, contact us.

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2021年 4月 15日
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