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Orchid expands in Korea as OXT is listed on Bithumb

Orchid expands in Korea as OXT is listed on Bithumb

2021年 2月 22日

OXT, the Orchid digital asset, is now listed on Bithumb, a global digital asset exchange founded in South Korea, as Orchid expands to reach more users around the globe. Bithumb is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform and the largest in Korea, with daily trade volume regularly exceeding $2 billion US dollars. People can now purchase OXT on Bithumb, which they can use to fund an Orchid account.

Orchid's unique VPN marketplace uses a robust system of incentives to match supply with demand and ensure ample bandwidth is available. Users can buy pre-filled Orchid accounts using an ordinary credit card in just seconds. But behind the scenes, OXT is used to pay for bandwidth on the network through a unique system of probabilistic nanopayments.

Dr. Steven Waterhouse, Orchid's Co-Founder and CEO said: "We are excited to see OXT listed on Bithumb. They are a leading exchange, and their decision to add Orchid's digital asset is further validation of the strength of our privacy offering."

Since its launch in 2013, Bithumb has developed from a Korea-focused cryptocurrency exchange to one that serves the global market with hundreds of millions of dollars in daily volume. Bithumb is one of Asia's most popular digital asset exchanges, with 8 million registered users and 1 million mobile app users.

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2021年 2月 24日
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