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Orchid Integrates with WalletConnect

Orchid Integrates with WalletConnect

2021年 1月 13日

Orchid now supports WalletConnect, a popular open source protocol for connecting decentralised applications to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking. Using any desktop browser, users can now easily connect the Orchid dapp to any of the numerous wallets supported by WalletConnect.

"Support for WalletConnect greatly expands the number of wallets people can use with Orchid," said Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Steven Waterhouse. "As a result, more people can now easily use the Orchid dapp, furthering our goal of making online privacy available to everyone."

The Orchid dapp is the hub of the network's decentralized payment system, where users can create new Orchid accounts to pay for VPN service, top up accounts, and withdraw funds. While Orchid users can create accounts and use the app without installing a wallet, many members of our community choose to open and fund their own accounts with OXT, Orchid's digital asset.

In addition to support for WalletConnect, the latest update to the Orchid dapp also lets users specify when they want their wallets to connect and disconnect. This brings Orchid fully in line with the industry standard, making it clear when a wallet is connected. Further updates include adding more information about Orchid accounts, including a clear indication of efficiency and the number of payment tickets in a given account balance.

WalletConnect supports a wide variety of mobile wallets, all of which are now compatible with Orchid. A complete list of supported wallets can be found here. The most recent version of the Orchid dapp, which includes support for WalletConnect, is currently live on

Download the Orchid app today to start exploring the Internet freely.

Download the app and join Orchid’s privacy network today!

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2021年 2月 22日
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