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Orchid’s Travis Cannell Speaks at Messari Mainnet 2021

Orchid’s Travis Cannell Speaks at Messari Mainnet 2021

2021年 9月 28日

Orchid's Head of Product, Travis Cannell, was a featured speaker at Messari Mainnet, a premier event in the blockchain space. Travis led a workshop on the Orchid app and its user-friendly onboarding process on the third day of the event, which took place from September 20th to 22nd in New York City.

Travis began by highlighting Orchid's unique design, especially compared to other decentralized applications (dApps). In particular, he showed how Orchid's in-app payment system lets anyone use an ordinary credit card to fund their account in less than a minute for as little as $1. Travis also demonstrated how the in-app payments feature allows users to fund their Orchid accounts without the need to buy OXT, Orchid's digital asset.

Orchid's Travis Cannell onstage at Messari Mainnet. Orchid's Travis Cannell onstage at Messari Mainnet.

People who use OXT to pay for VPN bandwidth, however, can still easily do so by locating their Funder Account address in the app. Travis also showed how the service creates an Orchid Identity, or signer key, for each user, which allows them to manage their OXT wallets within the app.

After speaking about Orchid's onboarding process, Travis gave a ten-minute demonstration on how the dApp works. The presentation covered how to purchase bandwidth, how to activate the VPN and check that it's working properly, and how to configure VPN settings in the app.

Mainnet 2021: Messari's Annual Summit

The presentation concluded by touching on Orchid's primary mission--to provide people everywhere with accessible, affordable online privacy, and to help reclaim the Internet as a place of exploration and self-expression.

Download the Orchid app today to start exploring the Internet freely.

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2021年 3月 8日
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